Pricing & Info


Pay To Play

If a membership is not what you’re looking for, then NO WORRIES! You can simply pay for a day pass after signing a liability waiver.

Open to the Public

Park Hours: Winter Weather Conditions in affect! (prepped and watered if able) 

Closed Thursday’s

Saturday and Sunday: Noon to 5:00 PM

Note: Main track starts prep at ~4 PM  on Friday’s and Saturday’s Note: The main and Vet track only will be closed During and post Prep for  riding!

Moto X

Rates: $30.00 Per Rider (16-59 yrs old)

Military & Seniors $25

All Tracks: $25 (6-15 yrs old)

Kids Tracks only: $15 for (6 and under)   $20 (7-16 yrs old)

Skyline VIP Pass

*All VIP Pass holders are able to utilize the Park 7 days a week*
Save if you ride more than 3 times per month!
Single: $60.00 Per Month
Family of 2-3: $150.00 Per Month
Family of 4-6: $300.00 Per Month
  • If you purchase one time annually, you pay for 11 months
  • Minimum 12 Month Agreement for all ride Passes (with $300.00 early cancellation fee)
  • Active Duty Military deploying are the exception
  • Requires ACH or a valid credit card and email
  • Benefits include: No  entrance fee on race days and . (all race fees still apply). No cost for entry to all Skyline Park events (non MX).

Flat & UTV Tracks

Rates: $30 per driver


Track Descriptions:

Main Track: New National Level Outdoor Motocross Track with natural terrain that provides constant elevation changes, 1.04 Miles long, off-camber corners, and hero jumps, engineered to put spectators right in the action. Pro riders time ~2 Minutes. Ups and Downs, Twists and Turns, Jumps and Deep Ruts, it’s got it all! The terrain has elevation changes and jumps between 20 ft and 120 ft which consist of triples, doubles, scrubs, step-ups & step-downs. The main track is set for all skill levels.

Vet Track
0.75 miles long – The surface ranges from medium to hard pack. The elevation changes and rolling jumps, step-ups & step-downs, off-camber corners. Lap times are between 2 and 3 minutes.

Jack Track (Practice Track) 0.70 miles long
The surface ranges from soft to medium pack. The elevation changes and jumps between 20 ft and 50 ft which consist of table-tops, doubles, step-ups & step-downs. It is generally described as a Fast Track and lap times are between 1 to 1 1/2 minutes.

1.5 miles long,
4 Minute lap time – great for desert practice on bikes too!

Rut Track
18′ wide and 1-3′ Deep

Enduro Cross Track
Tires, rails, rocks, logs, barrels, and jumps – Challenge yourself!

Kids Tracks
Pw-50 – 65’s – small Quads – beginner riders

Short Track: Clay, 1/8 mile Oval, 48′ wide (accompany with aerial photos). Flat track Bikes, Karts, and QUADS

Track Prep: The Main MX track is watered and groomed for each open practice.

Track Etiquette:
– If you crash or stall your motorcycle, immediately push it off the track before starting.
– Lapped riders-hold your line. Do not try to move out of the way. A faster rider will get around you.
– Respect the other riders and their abilities.
– If you must cut the track, look for oncoming riders, re-enter when the lane is clear.

Track Rules:

1. All spectators must sign proper waiver prior to entering the park. All riders must register and sign proper waiver prior to entering track area and riding.

2. Only registered riders may ride. Friends and/or family members, who have not registered or paid to ride, may not ride.

3. Intentional take outs will not be tolerated.

4. There is no riding of motorcycles in the starting area. No burn-outs behind the starting line.

5. Riders must adhere to the instructions of track personnel at all times. Riders must also obey all displayed flags immediately. If you don’t know what each flags means please ask.

6. Mechanics, friends and family members may not go beyond the designated mechanics area. Children are not allowed onto track area or mechanics area at any time.

7. Use of alcohol or controlled substances is prohibited by riders.

8. Parents are required to monitor their children and teach them these rules. If you do not want the staff to correct your child breaking any rules, you must accompany your child at all times to correct your child.

9. Skyline Park & Event Center offers no insurance of any kind, If you do not have your own medical insurance, or if you feel that the track is un-safe for any reason or, if you feel uncomfortable on the track, WE SUGGEST YOU DO NOT RIDE.

10. There is a NO TOLERANCE with fighting between riders. Both riders will be ejected, and suspension could result.

11. We have a zero tolerance policy on threatening, or verbally abusing staff members, riders, or spectators. The offending person will be ejected immediately. If you have a problem with one of the track staff, please talk to the track manager.
These rules are for everyone’s safety.

Required gear for riding at Skyline Park & Event Center:

Whether you’re riding a Pit Bike, a Pee Wee, A mini, a Big bike, the following gear is required for all riders: Helmet, Goggles, Long pants, Gloves, and boots.

We suggest that you also wear a Chest Protector, Knee Pads or Knee Braces and any other kinds of protective gear.


-Snack Shack –  IS OPEN
-FREE! Parking
-Onsite RV/Trailer parking
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